R Code and Output Supporting: Species Distribution Models: Predictive Snipers or Shots in the Dark?

  • Althea A ArchMiller (Creator)
  • John R Fieberg (Creator)
  • James D Forester (Creator)
  • Douglas H Johnson (Creator)
  • Jason Matthiopoulos (Creator)
  • Garrett M Street (Creator)



Species distribution models (SDMs) are one of a variety of statistical methods that link individuals, populations, and species to the habitats they occupy. In Fieberg et al. "Species distribution models: Predictive snipers or shots in the dark?", we introduce a new method for model calibration, which we call Used-Habitat Calibration plots (UHC plots) that can be applied across the entire spectrum of SDMs. Here, we share the Program R code and data necessary to replicate all three of the examples from the manuscript that together demonstrate how UHC plots can help with three fundamental challenges of habitat modeling: identifying missing covariates, non-linearity, and multicollinearity.
Date made available2016
PublisherData Repository for the University of Minnesota

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