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  • A Strong-lensing Model for the WMDF JWST/GTO Very Rich Cluster A1489

    Zitrin, A., Acebron, A., Coe, D., Kelly, P. L., Koekemoer, A. M., Nonino, M., Windhorst, R. A., Frye, B., Pascale, M., Broadhurst, T., Cohen, S. H., Diego, J. M., Finkelstein, S. L., Jansen, R. A., Larson, R. L., Yan, H., Alpaslan, M., Bhatawdekar, R., Conselice, C. J., Griffiths, A. & 2 others, Strolger, L. G. & B. Wyithe, J. S., Nov 10 2020, In: Astrophysical Journal. 903, 2, 137.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

  • Berkeley supernova Ia program: Data release of 637 spectra from 247 Type Ia supernovae

    Stahl, B. E., Zheng, W. K., De Jaeger, T., Brink, T. G., Filippenko, A. V., Silverman, J. M., Cenko, S. B., Clubb, K. I., Graham, M. L., Halevi, G., Kelly, P. L., Kleiser, I., Shivvers, I., Yuk, H., Cobb, B. E., Fox, O. D., Kandrashoff, M. T., Kong, J. J., Mauerhan, J. C., Wang, X. & 1 others, Wang, X., Mar 1 2020, In: Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society. 3, p. 4325-4343 19 p.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

    2 Scopus citations
  • SN 2014ab: An aspherical Type IIn supernova with low polarization

    Bilinski, C., Smith, N., Williams, G. G., Smith, P., Andrews, J., Clubb, K. I., Zheng, W., Filippenko, A. V., Fox, O. D., Hosseinzadeh, G., Howell, D. A., Kelly, P. L., Milne, P., Sand, D. J., Hoffman, J. L., Leonard, D. C., Cargill, S., Casper, C., Halevy, G., Kim, H. & 3 others, Kumar, S., Pina, K. & Yuk, H., Nov 1 2020, In: Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society. 498, 3, p. 3835-3851 17 p.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

  • Space Telescope and Optical Reverberation Mapping Project. XII. Broad-line Region Modeling of NGC 5548

    Williams, P. R., Pancoast, A., Treu, T., Brewer, B. J., Peterson, B. M., Barth, A. J., Malkan, M. A., Rosa, G. D., Horne, K., Kriss, G. A., Arav, N., Bentz, M. C., Cackett, E. M., Bontà, E. D., Dehghanian, M., Done, C., Ferland, G. J., Grier, C. J., Kaastra, J., Kara, E. & 138 others, Kochanek, C. S., Mathur, S., Mehdipour, M., Pogge, R. W., Proga, D., Vestergaard, M., Waters, T., Adams, S. M., Anderson, M. D., Arévalo, P., Beatty, T. G., Bennert, V. N., Bigley, A., Bisogni, S., Borman, G. A., Boroson, T. A., Bottorff, M. C., Brandt, W. N., Breeveld, A. A., Brotherton, M., Brown, J. E., Brown, J. S., Canalizo, G., Carini, M. T., Clubb, K. I., Comerford, J. M., Corsini, E. M., Crenshaw, D. M., Croft, S., Croxall, K. V., Deason, A. J., Lorenzo-Cáceres, A. D., Denney, K. D., Dietrich, M., Edelson, R., Efimova, N. V., Ely, J., Evans, P. A., Fausnaugh, M. M., Filippenko, A. V., Flatland, K., Fox, O. D., Gardner, E., Gates, E. L., Gehrels, N., Geier, S., Gelbord, J. M., Gonzalez, L., Gorjian, V., Greene, J. E., Grupe, D., Gupta, A., Hall, P. B., Henderson, C. B., Hicks, S., Holmbeck, E., Holoien, T. W. S., Hutchison, T., Im, M., Jensen, J. J., Johnson, C. A., Joner, M. D., Jones, J., Kaspi, S., Kelly, P. L., Kennea, J. A., Kim, M., Kim, S., Kim, S. C., King, A., Klimanov, S. A., Knigge, C., Krongold, Y., Lau, M. W., Lee, J. C., Leonard, D. C., Li, M., Lira, P., Lochhaas, C., Ma, Z., MacInnis, F., Manne-Nicholas, E. R., Mauerhan, J. C., McGurk, R., McHardy, I. M., Montuori, C., Morelli, L., Mosquera, A., Mudd, D., Müller-Sánchez, F., Nazarov, S. V., Norris, R. P., Nousek, J. A., Nguyen, M. L., Ochner, P., Okhmat, D. N., Papadakis, I., Parks, J. R., Pei, L., Penny, M. T., Pizzella, A., Poleski, R., Pott, J. U., Rafter, S. E., Rix, H. W., Runnoe, J., Saylor, D. A., Schimoia, J. S., Scott, B., Sergeev, S. G., Shappee, B. J., Shivvers, I., Siegel, M., Simonian, G. V., Siviero, A., Skielboe, A., Somers, G., Spencer, M., Starkey, D., Stevens, D. J., Sung, H. I., Tayar, J., Tejos, N., Turner, C. S., Uttley, P., Van Saders, J., Vaughan, S. A., Vican, L., Villanueva, S., Villforth, C., Weiss, Y., Woo, J. H., Yan, H., Young, S., Yuk, H., Zheng, W., Zhu, W. & Zu, Y., Oct 10 2020, In: Astrophysical Journal. 902, 1, 74.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

  • Delayed Circumstellar Interaction for Type Ia SN 2015cp Revealed by an HST Ultraviolet Imaging Survey

    Graham, M. L., Harris, C. E., Nugent, P. E., Maguire, K., Sullivan, M., Smith, M., Valenti, S., Goobar, A., Fox, O. D., Shen, K. J., Kelly, P. L., McCully, C., Brink, T. G. & Filippenko, A. V., Jan 20 2019, In: Astrophysical Journal. 871, 1, 62.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

    Open Access
    13 Scopus citations
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