Ethanol consumption in rats when dose size is under subject control

Lynda P. LaBounty, Wendy J. Lynch, Marilyn E Carroll

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Rats orally self-administered ethanol when they could control dose size as follows: A lever press initiated a trial; a press on 1 lever increased the previous trial duration by 30% whereas a press on a 2nd lever decreased the previous trial duration by 30%. During a trial, rats could drink either water, 8%, or 16% (wt/vol) ethanol (ETOH) from a lick-sensitive fountain. Mean per session intake of 8% and 16% ETOH was 0.8 g/kg and 1.3 g/kg, respectively. Water intake was negligible. Rats did not show a tendency to maintain a particular trial duration, nor did they adjust intertrial intervals to previous dose size (number of licks). When trials were collected into bouts, a positive relationship was found between bout size and interbout interval; this relationship was statistically significant for the 8% but not the 16% ETOH condition.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)347-352
Number of pages6
JournalExperimental and Clinical Psychopharmacology
Issue number4
StatePublished - Nov 1 1998


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