High-pressure-low-temperature metamorphism of metasedimentary rocks, southern Menderes Massif, western Turkey

Donna L Whitney, Christian Teyssier, Seth C. Kruckenberg, Valerie L. Morgan, Lindsay J. Iredale

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Kilometer-scale lenses of quartz-rich metasedimentary rocks crop out in a discontinuous belt along the southern margin of the Menderes Massif, Turkey, and preserve evidence for high-pressure-low-temperature (H. P-L. T) metamorphism related to subduction of a continental margin during Alpine orogeny. Kyanite schist, quartzite, and quartz veins contain kyanite. +. phengite. +. Mg-chlorite, and the veins also contain magnesiocarpholite. A deformed carbonate metaconglomerate juxtaposed with the quartzite-dominated unit does not contain H. P index minerals, and likely represents the tectonized boundary of the siliceous rocks with adjacent marble. The H. P-L. T rocks (10-12kbar, 470-570°C) record different pressure conditions than the adjacent, apparently lower pressure Menderes metasedimentary sequence. Despite this difference there is disagreement as to whether these H. P-L. T rocks are part of the Menderes sequence or are related to the tectonically overlying Cycladic blueschist unit. If the former, the entire southern Menderes Massif experienced H. P-L. T metamorphism but the evidence has been obliterated from most rocks; if the latter, rocks recording different metamorphic-kinematic conditions experienced different tectonic histories and were tectonically juxtaposed during thrusting. Based on observations and data in this study, the second model better accounts for the differences in P- T-deformation histories of the southern Menderes Massif rocks, and suggests that the H. P-L. T rocks are not part of the Menderes cover sequence.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)218-232
Number of pages15
Issue number3-4
StatePublished - Jan 1 2008


  • Blueschist facies
  • Carpholite
  • HP-LT metamorphism
  • Kyanite schist
  • Menderes Massif
  • Turkey

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