Measurement of e+e-†bb forward-backward charge asymmetry between ss =52 and 57 GeV

H. Sagawa, J. Lim, K. Abe, Y. Fujii, Y. Higashi, S. K. Kim, Y. Kurihara, A. Maki, T. Nozaki, T. Omori, Y. Sakai, Y. Sugimoto, Y. Takaiwa, S. Terada, R. Imlay, P. Kirk, R. R. McNeil, W. Metcalf, S. S. Myung, C. P. ChengP. Gu, J. Li, Y. K. Li, Z. P. Mao, Y. T. Xu, Y. C. Zhu, A. Abashian, K. Gotow, K. P. Hu, E. H. Low, M. E. Mattson, L. Piilonen, K. L. Sterner, S. Lusin, C. Rosenfeld, A. T.M. Wang, S. Wilson, M. Frautschi, H. Kagan, R. Kass, C. G. Trahern, G. N. Kim, Winston Ko, R. L. Lander, K. Maeshima, R. L. Malchow, J. R. Smith, K. Sparks, D. Stuart, M. C.S. Williams, F. Kajino, D. Perticone, R. Poling, T. Thomas, A. Bacala, I. H. Park, F. Sannes, S. Schnetzer, R. Stone, J. Vinson, Y. Ishi, K. Miyano, H. Miyata, T. Sasaki, Y. Yamashita, D. Blanis, A. Bodek, H. Budd, S. Eno, C. A. Fry, H. Harada, Y. H. Ho, Y. K. Kim, T. Kumita, T. Mori, S. L. Olsen, P. Perez, N. M. Shaw, A. Sill, E. H. Thorndike, K. Ueno, H. W. Zheng, H. Itoh, H. Ichinose, S. Kobayashi, A. Murakami, K. Toyoshima, J. S. Kang, H. J. Kim, M. H. Lee, D. H. Han, E. J. Kim, D. Son, H. Kozuka, S. Matsumoto, T. Takeda, R. Tanaka, H. Yokota, T. Ishizuka

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Using 123 multihadronic inclusive muon-production e+e- annihilation events at an average c.m. energy of 55.2 GeV, we extracted the forward-backward charge asymmetry of the e+e-†bb process and the R ratio for bb production. We used an analysis method in which the behavior of the c quark and lighter quarks is assumed, with only that of the b quark left indeterminate. The results, Ab=-0.72±0.28(stat)±0.13(syst) and Rb=0.57±0.16±0. 10, are consistent with the standard model.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)2341-2345
Number of pages5
JournalPhysical review letters
Issue number21
StatePublished - 1989

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