Parametrized neurocontrollers

Tariq Samad, Wendy Honeywell SSDC Foslien

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Neural network controllers developed with existing approaches are optimized for specific process models and control criteria. The neural networks must be individually trained for different processes and retrained for process variations and changes in control objectives. We introduce the concept of 'parametrized neurocontrollers' (PNCs)- nuerocontrollers with inputs that are used to adjust control system performance and to provide information about the process dynamics. PNCs are optimized in simulation over spaces of process models and performance criteria; application-specific training is not needed.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Title of host publicationProc 1993 IEEE Int Symp Intell Control
PublisherPubl by IEEE
Number of pages96
ISBN (Print)0780312074
StatePublished - Dec 1 1993
EventProceedings of the 1993 IEEE International Symposium on Intelligent Control - Chicago, IL, USA
Duration: Aug 25 1993Aug 27 1993

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NameProc 1993 IEEE Int Symp Intell Control


OtherProceedings of the 1993 IEEE International Symposium on Intelligent Control
CityChicago, IL, USA

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