Real-time probe based quantitative determination of material properties at the nanoscale

G. Saraswat, P. Agarwal, G. Haugstad, M. V. Salapaka

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Tailoring the properties of a material at the nanoscale holds the promise of achieving hitherto unparalleled specificity of the desired behavior of the material. Key to realizing this potential of tailoring materials at the nanoscale are methods for rapidly estimating physical properties of the material at the nanoscale. In this paper, we report a method for simultaneously determining the topography, stiffness and dissipative properties of materials at the nanoscale in a probe based dynamic mode operation. The method is particularly suited for investigating soft-matter such as polymers and bio-matter. We use perturbation analysis tools for mapping dissipative and stiffness properties of material into parameters of an equivalent linear time-invariant model. Parameters of the equivalent model are adaptively estimated, where, for robust estimation, a multi-frequency excitation of the probe is introduced. We demonstrate that the reported method of simultaneously determining multiple material properties can be implemented in real-time on existing probe based instruments. We further demonstrate the effectiveness of the method by investigating properties of a polymer blend in real-time.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Article number265706
Issue number26
StatePublished - Jul 5 2013

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