Ruissellement sur des sols soumis à différents modes de gestion et régimes de pluie simulée dans le Brésil méridional

Translated title of the contribution: Runoff from soils under different management and simulated rainfall regimes in southern Brazil

Vander Kaufmann, Adilson Pinheiro, Nilza Maria dos Reis Castro, Cristóvão Vicente Scapulatempo Fernandes, Gustavo Merten

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Surface runoff and drainage were evaluated for southern Brazilian soils subjected to different rainfall intensities and management practices. Soils received up to four applications of simulated rainfall in sequences with one application per day. Seven lysimeters, each of 1 m3 volume, were used to measure drainage volume, with measurement of initial and final water content, times at which surface runoff and lysimeter drainage began, and the volume rates of flow. At the end of the second test, soils were subjected to two levels of disturbance (denoted by low and high soil movement) by opening furrows. These cultivation treatments altered the times at which lysimeter surface runoff and drainage were initiated, the rates of surface runoff, the final infiltration and internal drainage, and the components of the water balance throughout the series of trials. Mean times at which surface runoff was initiated in lysimeters subjected to greater soil disturbance were longer than those with little soil disturbance. Final infiltration rates were greater in lysimeters with little soil disturbance. It was also found that lysimeter surface runoff generation was influenced by the state of development of maize grown in the lysimeter.

Translated title of the contributionRunoff from soils under different management and simulated rainfall regimes in southern Brazil
Original languageFrench
Pages (from-to)2173-2185
Number of pages13
JournalHydrological Sciences Journal
Issue number12
StatePublished - Dec 2 2014

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Funding The authors thank MCT/FINEP/CT- Hidro-CNPq, edital 04/2005 Representative Basins (research topic 3490/05); MCT/FINEP/AÇÃO TRANSVERSAL, edital 04/2008 Forecasting Weather and Climate (research topic 1406/08, project 01.08.0568.00), for funding the research.

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  • hydrological processes
  • lysimeter
  • runoff generation
  • water balance

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