Search for nucleon decay into lepton[formula presented] final states using Soudan

D. Wall, W. W.M. Allison, G. J. Alner, D. S. Ayres, W. L. Barrett, C. Bode, P. M. Border, C. B. Brooks, J. H. Cobb, R. Cotton, H. Courant, D. M. Demuth, T. H. Fields, H. R. Gallagher, C. Garcia-Garcia, M. C. Goodman, R. Gran, T. Joffe-Minor, T. Kafka, S. M.S. KasaharaW. Leeson, P. J. Litchfield, N. P. Longley, W. A. Mann, M. L. Marshak, R. H. Milburn, W. H. Miller, L. Mualem, A. Napier, W. P. Oliver, G. F. Pearce, E. A. Peterson, D. A. Petyt, L. E. Price, K. Ruddick, M. Sanchez, J. Schneps, M. H. Schub, R. Seidlein, A. Stassinakis, H. Tom, J. L. Thron, G. Villaume, S. P. Wakely, N. West

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A search for nucleon decay into two-body final states containing (Formula presented) mesons has been conducted using the 963 metric ton Soudan 2 iron tracking calorimeter. The topologies, ionizations, and kinematics of contained events recorded in a 5.52 kiloton-year total exposure (4.41 kton-year fiducial volume exposure) are examined for compatibility with nucleon decays in an iron medium. For proton decay into the fully visible final states (Formula presented) and (Formula presented) zero and one event candidates are observed respectively. The lifetime lower limits (Formula presented) thus implied are (Formula presented) and (Formula presented) respectively. Lifetime lower limits are also reported for proton decay into (Formula presented) and for neutron decay into (Formula presented)

Original languageEnglish (US)
JournalPhysical Review D - Particles, Fields, Gravitation and Cosmology
Issue number7
StatePublished - 2000


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