Study of KSKL coupled decays and KL-Be interactions with the CMD-2 detector at VEPP-2M collider

R. R. Akhmetshin, G. A. Aksenov, E. V. Anashkin, V. M. Aulchenko, B. O. Baibusinov, V. S. Banzarov, L. M. Barkov, S. E. Baru, A. E. Bondar, D. V. Chernyak, V. Danilov, S. I. Eidelman, G. V. Fedotovich, N. I. Gabyshev, A. A. Grebeniuk, D. N. Grigoriev, P. M. Ivanov, B. I. Khazin, I. A. Koop, A. S. KuzminI. B. Logashenko, P. A. Lukin, A. P. Lysenko, A. V. Maksimov, Yu I. Merzlyakov, I. N. Nesterenko, V. S. Okhapkin, E. A. Perevedentsev, A. A. Polunin, E. V. Popkov, V. I. Ptitzyn, T. A. Purlats, S. I. Redin, N. I. Root, A. A. Ruban, N. M. Ryskulov, Yu M. Shatunov, A. E. Sher, M. A. Shubin, B. A. Shwartz, V. A. Sidorov, A. N. Skrinsky, V. P. Smakhtin, I. G. Snopkov, E. P. Solodov, A. I. Sukhanov, V. M. Titov, Yu V. Yudin, V. G. Zavarzin, D. H. Brown, J. P. Miller, B. L. Roberts, W. A. Worstell, J. A. Thompson, C. M. Valine, P. B. Cushman, S. K. Dhawan, V. W. Hughes

Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review


An integrated luminosity ≈ 4000 nb-1 of around θ meson mass (5.0 × 106 of θ's) has been collected with the CMD-2 detector at the VEPP-2M collider. The latest analysis of the KSKL coupled decays based on 30% of available data is presented in this paper. The KSKL pairs from θ decays were reconstructed in the drift chamber when both kaons decayed into two charged particles. From a sample of 1423 coupled decays a selection of candidates for the CP-violating KL -> → π+π- decay was performed. CP-violating decays were not identified because of the dominance of events with a KL regenerating at the Be beam pipe into Ks and a background from KL semileptonic decays. The regeneration cross section of 110 MeV/c KL's was found to be σBereg = 53 ± 17 mb, in agreement with theoretical expectations. The angular distribution of Ks's after regeneration and the total cross section of KL for Be have been measured.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)423-431
Number of pages9
JournalPhysics Letters, Section B: Nuclear, Elementary Particle and High-Energy Physics
Issue number3-4
StatePublished - Apr 17 1997

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Funding Information:
One of the authors (E.P.S.) would like to thank R. Baldini for useful discussions on the nuclear interaction studies and cooperation in this field and A. Michetti for simulation of the hyperon production of neutral kaons and theoretical cross section calculations. This work is supportedi n part by the US De-partamento f Energy, US National Science Foundation and the International Science Foundation under grants RPTOOO and RPT300.


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