The AO/ASIF universal intramedullary nail

Marc F. Swiontkowski, John G. Seiler

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The AO/ASIF universal intramedullary nail is anatomically curved and has two transverse proximal locking holes for length and rotational (static) and rotational only (dynamic) locking. The same nail can be used for left or right femora, and a thinner wall allows for more flexibility. Since October of 1986, 72 nails have been used in our medical center for fractures that are unstable with respect to length or rotation, nonunions, and osteotomies. There have been two screw fractures and no nail fractures, infections, or nonunions. Because of its flexibility, greater versatility, and better distal targeting, this nail offers certain advantages over other interlocking nail systems.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)33-40
Number of pages8
JournalTechniques in Orthopaedics
Issue number3
StatePublished - Oct 1988


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