The effect of dietary fiber type on glycated hemoglobin and renal hypertrophy in the adult diabetic rat

Daniel D. Gallaher, Darian R. Schaubert

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The effect of various dietary fiber sources on glycated hemoglobin and renal hypertrophy, two longterm indicators of blood glucose control, was studied in diabetic rats. Streptozotocin-treated rats were fed a fiber-free diet or diets containing 8% dietary fiber, using one of the following fiber sources: cellulose, sugar beet fiber, beet fiber treated with calcium carbonate, oat bran, rye bran, barley bran flour, wheat bran, or guar gum. After 28 days, only guar gumfeeding reduced the % glycated hemoglobin relative to the fiber-free control group. Renal hypertrophy was seen in animals from all diabetic groups and was not diminished by any of the fiber sources. In meal-fed animals there was no evidence of expansion of the intestinal contents volume by feeding of any fiber source. Guar gum substantially increased the viscosity of the intestinal contents in 3 of 4 animals. The results are consistent with the use of purified, highly viscous fiber sources for improving glycemic control in insulin-dependent diabetes.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)1311-1323
Number of pages13
JournalNutrition Research
Issue number11
StatePublished - Nov 1990

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ipresented in part at the 72nd Annual Meeting of the Federationo f AmericanS ocietieso f Experimental Biology, Las Vegas, NV, May I-5, 1988 [Gallaher,D . D., Schaubert,D . R., & Surley, C. (1988) Dietary fiber in 10ng-termb lood glucose control and kidney hypertrophyi n the diabeticr at. FASEBJ. 2:A856 (abs.)] +Supported in part by a grant fr0m the AmericanC rystal Sugar Co., M00rhead, NN. 3present address: Departmento f Food Sciencea nd Nutrition, 1334 Eckles Avenue, Universityo f Minnesota, St. Paul, HN 55108.


  • diabetes
  • dietary fiber
  • glycated hemoglobin
  • renal hypertrophy
  • viscosity


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