A high-resolution history of the South American Monsoon from Last Glacial Maximum to the Holocene

Valdir F. Novello, Francisco W. Cruz, Mathias Vuille, Nicolás M. Stríkis, R. Lawrence Edwards, Hai Cheng, Suellyn Emerick, Marcos S. De Paula, Xianglei Li, Eline De S. Barreto, Ivo Karmann, Roberto V. Santos

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The exact extent, by which the hydrologic cycle in the Neotropics was affected by external forcing during the last deglaciation, remains poorly understood. Here we present a new paleo-rainfall reconstruction based on high-resolution speleothem Î 18 O records from the core region of the South American Monsoon System (SAMS), documenting the changing hydrological conditions over tropical South America (SA), in particular during abrupt millennial-scale events. This new record provides the best-resolved and most accurately constrained geochronology of any proxy from South America for this time period, spanning from the Last Glacial Maximum (LGM) to the mid-Holocene.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Article number44267
JournalScientific reports
StatePublished - Mar 10 2017

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Funding Information:
This work was supported by the Funda??o de Amparo a Pesquisa do Estado de S?o Paulo, Brazil (FAPESP grants 2012/01187-4 and 2016/00299-4 to I.K.; 2009/12902-3 fellowship to M.S.P; 2012/03942-4, 2014/10095-1, 2015/08351-2 and 2016/15807-5 fellowships to V.F.N.; 2012/50260-6 and 2013/50297 to F.W.C), INCLINE/USP and PRIMO cooperative project (CNPq-IRD) to F.W.C and the US National Science Foundation NSF grants AGS-1303828 to MV and 1103403 to R.L.E and H.C.

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