Erratum: Corrigendum to “Hepatitis E virus infection in the HIV-positive patient” (J. Clin. Virol. (2016) 80 (102–106))

Jose D. Debes, Maria Belen Pisano, Martin Lotto, Viviana Re

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The authors regret that there was an error in Table 1 of their paper. The online and print versions have now been updated to show the correct table. It can also be found below for your reference: IgG HEV prevalence% (positive/tested) IgM HEV% (positive/tested) Risk factor analyzed Risk factors with statistical association (p < 0.05) Chronicity References France 4.4% (8/184) 1.6% (3/184) 6 CD4 account, age, gender, HBV-HCV coinfection, cirrhosis, parenteral/sexual transmission risk NS POS Kaba et al., 2011 [21] Spain 9% (22/238) 0% CD4 account, HIV viral load, HBV-HCV coinfection, IVDU, cirrhosis, age, gender, ALT/AST, ART Jardi et al., 2012 [22] 9.2% (22/238) ND CD4 counts, ART CD4 counts9 NEG Riveiro Barciela et al., 2014 [23] Spain 10.4% (45/448) 7% (3/45)2 CD4, Gender NS NEG Mateos-Lindemann et al., 2014 [24]Spain 21% (189/894)ND2CD4 counts, HIV viral load, HBV- HCV coinfection, age, gender, ALT/AST, ARTAgeNEGRivero Juarez et al., 2014 [16]Spain26% (161/613)ND2CD4 account, age, genderCD4 counts, Gender (M > F), AgeNEGPineda et al., 2014 [15]Italy19.4% (14/72)0HIV infectionHIV infectionNEGRapicetta et al., 2013 [25]Italy2% (2/100)50% (1/2)2HIV infection, AST/ALTNSNEGScotto et al., 2014 [26]Italy6.7% (34/509)14.7% (5/34)NRNSNEGScotto et al., 2015 [27]Greece7.3% (18/243)0HIV time of infection, HAV- HBV- HCV coinfection, Sexual orientation, ARTAgeNRPolitou et al., 2015 [41]France9% (22/245)2.25% (5/245)4CD4 counts, CD8 counts, HIV viral load, HIV clinical status, Liver function, age, gender, ethnicity, ALT/AST, parenteral/sexual transmission risk.CD4NEGRenou et al., 2010 [45]France3.7% (4/108)10.9% (1/108)2,8CD4 account, HIV viral load, HBV- HCV coinfection, ALT/AST, ARTNSNEGSellier et al., 2011 [63]France1.5% (4/261)0%CD4 account, age, HBV- HCV coinfection, ALT/ASTNSNEGMaylin et al., 2012 [64]Scotland1.04% (1/94)100 (1/1)NRNSNRBradley Stewart et al., 2015 [17]England9.4% (13/184)0%CD4 counts, HIV viral load, sexual transmission route, pork contact, pork consumptionpork consumptionNEGKeane et al., 2011 [32]Switzerland2.6% (19/735)1ND7CD4 counts, HIV viral load, age, HBV- HCV, sexual orientation, IVDU, transfusion, prison history, cancer, BMI, Alcohol consumption, ALT value, Duration of ALT elevation, ARTCD4 account (CD4 ≤ 350 cell/mm3), Duration of ALT elevation, Gender (F ˃ M), Asian origin.POSKenfak Foguena et al., 2011 [30]Holland11.7% (30/256)0%CD4 account, HBV- HCV coinfectionNSNRHassing et al., 2014 [65]Croatia1.1% (1/88)12.5% (11/88)3NRNSNRDakovic Rode et al., 2014 [18]Gabón7.1% (13/183)0%HIV Viral loadHIV Viral loadNEGCaron et al., 2012 [66]Ghana45.3% (182/402)0.7% (1/182)CD4 counts, AST/ALTCD4 countsNEGFeldt et al., 2013 [19]Cameroon14.2% (42/289)NDCD4 counts, ALT/ASTCD4 countsNEGFeldt et al., 2013 [19]Nigeria30% (24/80)4.2% (1/24)NRNSNRJunaid et al., 2014 [20]Cambodia30% (247/825)1.1 (9/825)Fever, age, gender, ALT/ASTNSNEGNouhin et al., 2015 [29]Malaysia10.3% (15/145)4.1% (6/145)Age, IVDU, Sexual Orientation, transfusion, endemicityAgeNRNg et al., 2000 [42]Australia6.3% (12/191)ND3ALT/ASTNSNEGYong et al., 2014 [61]USA19% (32/166)0.9% (2/133)CD4 counts, HIV viral load, age, HCV coinfection, ethnicity, ALT/ASTAge, HCV coinfectionNRSherman et al., 2014 [28]USA4% (7/194)3% (5/194)CD4 counts, HIV viral load, age, gender, ethnicity, HBV-HCV coinfection, ALT/AST, ARTHIV Viral load, CD4 counts9NEGCrum-Cianflone et al., 2012 [46]Argentina6.6% (32/484)NDIVDU, AIDS, genderNSNRFainboim et al., 1999 [67] HEV, hepatitis E virus; MSM, men who have sex with men; IDU, intravenous drug use; BMI, body mass index; ALT, alanine aminotransferase; ART, antiretroviral therapy; NS, non-significant (NS), p > 0.05. 1Patients with unexplained alanine aminotransferase elevation. 2HEV RNA (+) in one patient. 3HEV RNA (+) in five patients. 4HEV RNA (+) in two patients. 5HEV RNA (+) in three patients. 6Patients with CD4 value ≤50cell/μl. HEV genotype 3c. 7Patient with IgG anti −HEV (−), HEV RNA (+) genotype 3c, CD4 depletion and ART. 8HEV genotype 3e. 9Trend to association with HEV infection but not statistically supported. 10References updated until September, 2015. The authors would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused.

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JournalJournal of Clinical Virology
StatePublished - Sep 1 2016

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